Ein Abend mit Hamlet

von OzD

„Sein oder nicht sein?“ Diese elementare Frage stellt sich Will Workman derzeit in der Rolle des Hamlet auf der Bühne der Lübecker Kammerspiele und die Q2p war am 13.11.2021 gemeinsam mit Frau Sommerfeld dabei.

Auch wenn das Stück drei Stunden lang ist und die Sitze irgendwann nicht mehr die bequemsten waren, hatten wir einen schönen Abend und können den Besuch – mit oder ohne Anknüpfung an den Englischunterricht – fast ausschließlich empfehlen! Hier ein paar Impressionen:

“It is a great show for entertainment. The background music was tense and you could feel the rhythm and how it added to the scenes. Furthermore, there are a lot of quotes in the play (the show) which are still used today.”

“What I took with me is the criticism that politicians should not be allowed to control themselves. For example in case of corruption, which is represented by the murder of the King, Hamlet, being a member of the King's family himself, tried to solve the case. This resulted in the inevitable downfall (= death) of the whole family.”

“I really liked the realization of the play because it was so modern, it was very interesting. Besides, the actors were just great! Especially the actresses of Hamlet's mother and Ophelia embodied their characters very well.”

“Ophelia's mother was an intimidating character with four (?) rules for dating. She told Ophelia, Hamlet’s girlfriend, several times what to do with her relationship, which (when not taken too seriously) I enjoyed. Furthermore, the play’s décor was really fitting and its implementation was good. Nevertheless, some scenes may have been shortened in order to add some more suspense to the three-hours play.”

“The really dark atmosphere of the play hooked you right from the start, and due to the fact it was shown on the small stage, it really went under your skin. It's really impressive what they made out of the rather limited circumstances, and the wonderful acting just grabbed you. I also liked the fact that they interpreted the old play in a more modern way, having different modern gimmicks like songs.”

“In my opinion, the way they interpreted the play was novel, but really good, and it was fun to watch. It was interesting that they decided to minimize the count of actors to seven people and were still able to tell the most important storyline, which, I also think, prevented me from being overwhelmed. Additionally, I liked that they mixed original with modern, for example, the old language with its phrases we still use today was mixed with new words and sentence structure of today, and in such a natural way that I personally didn’t exactly notice it immediately.

Last but not least, the well-chosen music and the actors’ performances completed the overall experience, so I can finally say, I didn’t perceive the three hours too long, but was well entertained instead.”